About Gesso
 Jared Knight, known by his family and friends as "Gesso", was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana and currently resides in the suburbs of Houston, Texas.  Growing up in an area that prides itself on the authentic Cajun Culture, i.e. art, music, and cuisine, he quickly developed a passion and strong appreciation for his Cajun heritage.  Gesso is a self-taught airbrush artist, inspired by other artists he observed as a young man.  While his career has been in the oil and gas industry, his passion for art and painting was re-ignited by the struggling economy.
Introduced to art in his early elementary years, he received his first recognition and was awarded the design of the yearbook cover.  His senior year in high school, he entered his first art exhibition and was awarded for his abstract painting, "Guitar of Colours".  In 1988, he illustrated his first children's book for a local dentist office in Lafayette, Louisiana.  He enjoys experimenting with different mediums, including acrylics, pen and ink, watercolors, and airbrushing.  He has designed custom graphics, t-shirts, tattoos, murals, business logos, and signs for various organizations and events.  In 2015 his illustrations for a Christian Children's Book was published.